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If you made a list of beautiful things,
would you be on it?

FRIENDS! You can get your copy of The Beautiful List wherever books are sold! If you've ordered one and you're here to claim the freebies with your order, simply click on this "CLAIM MY FREEBIES" button and I'll be sure to get them to you.

The book also has a website - - where you can order signed copies, book bundles with special add-ons, and find cool ancillary resources like a playlist made up of the songs included at the beginning of every chapter.


What's The Beautiful List about? When twelve-year-old genius Seraphina Reynolds discovers one day that she cares a LOT about how others see her, she creates a “beautiful list”— and begins the journey to put herself on it.


The Beautiful List engages tweens with candid trials about bathing suits, boys, mean girls, body image, sibling jealousy, friendship drama, family dynamics, pressure to perform, and even tragedy. It's a needed conversation starter for middle grade girls who desperately need to know they are beautiful just as they are. But it's also a reminder to those of us who interact with tweens - both boys and girls - that our attitudes and actions about worth matter greatly.

*I am also happy to speak to your school, girl's group or youth group. Simply complete the "Contact Christine" form at the bottom of the page to get the ball rolling. I can't wait to meet you!

WHAT readers SAY


Angelika Rampal, MD

This book gently reminds all parents that our kids are learning from our words, actions, and feelings, even feelings towards ourselves. It's a beautiful read for tweens, teens and their parents.

Open Book

Eliza, age 11

The Beautiful List is very uplifting and encouraging because it teaches people that there is beauty in everything if you just look. It's very relatable In a way that makes you think more highly of yourself. 

Book Stack

Brigitte Elliott, mom

Struggling with how we perceive ourselves is common. Life can scar us. The key at any age is how we deal with our scars to make us stronger, kinder, and even more beautiful. It's a very touching story.

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